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Ambrogio Soldani

1733 - 1808

Ambrogio Soldani (1733 – 1808) was a was a famous geologist and zoologist.

Soldani is considered (along with Jacopo Bartolomeo Beccari) the father of micropaleontology. "Soldani never approached paleontological research as an end in itself. His desire to study the microfauna of the Mediterranean, which was almost unknown in his time, derived from his conviction that knowledge of the present zoological conditions would have decisive consequences for the correct interpretation of the deposits left by the ancient seas" (DSB). In 1752 Soldani entered the Congregation of Murano, part of the Camaldolese Order (A joint order of hermits and monastic monks in Italy). In 1780, Soldani published the first work on microfossils, the Saggio Orittografico (Siena). His monumental Testaceographiae ac Zoophytographiae parvae et microscopicae is the fruit of 41 years of research on sediments from Tuscany. Soldani was Secretary of the Accademia dei Fisiocritici, which preserves his collection of micropaleontological fossils. In 1781 he was appointed professor of mathematics at the University of Siena. Soldani published one of the first two treatises on a meteorite shower that fell in Siena, Italy on June 16, 1794. In 1

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After the fall: in 1794, a heavenly epistle heralds the study of meteorites - meteor shower in Siena, Italy; Science News, Oct 14, 1995 by Ron Cowen

















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