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Giuseppe Seguenza

1833 - 1889

Giuseppe Seguenza was a paleontologist, mineralogist, geologist, and botanist. He was born on June 8, 1833 and died on February 3, 1889 in Messina, Italy. Seguenza completed studies to become a pharmacist and worked at his father’s pharmacy. However, he preferred geological and minerological studies. Most of his work on geolory and fossils was in southern Ilaly and Sicily. He was well known for his studies of moluscs. Among the honors he received is a silver medal at the Exhibition in Paris and the Wollaston medal conferred by the Geological Society of Longon. He was awarded a chair of Natural History at the Liceo Maurolico (the Royal Luceum) in Messina and was later taught at the University of Messina. The Seguenza School of Science in Messina is named for him. While most of Seguenza’s material disappeared during the earthquake that destroyed Messina in 1908, what is left of fossil collection—including the topotypes that had been determined by by his son Luigi—are stored at in the Geological & Paleontological Museum of Florence University.

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