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August Emanuel Ritter von Reuss

1811 - 1897

A. E. Reuss (July 8, 1811 – November 26, 1897) was was an Austrian geologist and paleontologist.

Reuss graduated in 1834 from the University of Prague with a degree in Medicine. He practiced medicine for fifteen years at Bilin (now Bilina) where his leisure was mineralogical, geological and paleontological studies mainly in the Ceské stredohorí Mountains, Styria, Tyrol, and Lombardy. In particular his studies of the lower Thierklassen foraminiferas, corals, bryozoan, and ostracods were considered important. In 1849, he was appointed professor of mineralogy at the Prague University where he taught geology, and at the Polytechnic College in Prague where he gave lectures on geology and paleontology. He also worked at the Czech Provincial Museum in Prague. In 1863, he was assigned to a post of full professor at the University of Vienna. He contributed significantly to the mineralogical, geological, and paleontological investigation of Bohemia, especially the Cretaceous and Tertiary formations. He investigated the Cretaceous fauna of Gosau, and studied the Crustacea, including entomostraca, the corals, bryozoa, and especially the foraminifera of various geological formations and countries. J.J. Galloway, in 1928, called Reuss “one of the greatest students of foraminifera” when describing his systematic revision of foraminifera classifications.

Reference: The Change in Ideas about Foraminifera J. J. Galloway, Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 2, No. 3. (Sep., 1928), pp. 216-228.















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