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Edward Heron-Allen

1861 - 1943

Edward Heron-Allen (1861-1943) interests and knowledge were extraordinarily broad and varied and is often described as a polymath. While his training was in law, his interests and avocations ranged from music (violin making and its history) to palmistry to esoteric fiction writing, Persian literature and translation, the cultivation of asparagus, marine zoology, meteorology, and archeology. His work on foraminifera was particularly important and voluminous and surprising as he had no formal scientific training. Many of his papers were written in collaboration with Arthur Earland. In 1925 Heron-Allen gave his foraminiferal collections and associated library to the Natural History Museum in London and became an honorary curator. Heron-Allen was President of the Royal Microscopical Society and, in 1919, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for his work on foraminifera.

Adapted from: The Royal Society Obituary Notice for Edward Heron-Allen, 1943, and from the Heron-Allen Society biography.






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