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Ronald Henderson Hedley

1928 - 2006

Ronald Henderson Hedley was born in 1928. In 1953, he received a PhD in zoology from King’s College in the University of Durham. In 1955 he was appointed a senior scientific officer (in foraminifera) at the British Natural History Museum. From 1964 to 1967 Dr. Hedley was the deputy keeper of the electron microscope unit in zoology. In 1971 he became the museum deputy director and in 1976 the director. Dr. Hedley retired from the museum in 1988. Starting in 1974 he co-edited, with C.G. Adams, a multi-volume collection of review articles entitled Foraminifera on “various aspects of foraminiferal research including biogeography, biometrics, cytology, ecology, oceanography, sedimentology, stratigraphy, and systematic”. Dr. Henderson was secretary of the Zoological Society of London from 1977-1980.

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