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Welcome to the Cushman Foundation

Congratulations to the following Student Grants Awardees!

Joanna M. Resig Awardee
Roberto Sierra, "Phylogenomics of Foraminifera," University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Jennifer Hertzberg, “Mg/Ca Paleothermometry in Planktonic Foraminifera: Proxy Refinement and Applications in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific,” Texas A&M University, USA.

Claudio Stalder, "Benthic foraminifera assemblages from cold-water coral ecosystems: comparing active, declining, buried modern and fossil analogues, "University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Kate Leigh Strachan," Reconstructing sea-level change along the east and south coast of South Africa," University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

2014 William V. Sliter Research Award
Raquel Robles-Salcedo, "New methodology for the determination of the shell-architecture in Siderolitidae (Upper Cretaceous larger foraminifera): the 3D techniques and their applications," Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.

Alex Quesnel, "Cretaceous polar environments: bio- and chemostratigraphic correlations between the Polar and northern Western Interior seas," Carleton University, Ontario, Canada.

Russell Bicknell, "Evolutionary pattern and process in the late Neogene planktonic foraminiferal group Globorotalia (Truncorotalia)," Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

2014 Joseph A. Cushman Award for Student Research
Caitlin Keating-Bitonti, "Oxygen stress on benthic foraminifera: a modern case study of elemental I/Ca ratios," Stanford University, USA.

Weimin Si, "Morphologic evolution of the Globorotalia fohsi lineage," Rutgers University, USA.

William Phalen, "Homotrema rubrum distribution and abundance: A potential paleoceanographic proxy for past disturbance events," University of Georgia, USA.

2014 Loeblich and Tappan Student Research Award:
Elizabeth Brown, "Geochemical & Morphological Discrepancies in Fossil Foraminifera: an Application to Paleoceanographic Proxy Reconstruction," University of South Florida, USA.

Paris Stefanoudis, "The biomass of benthic Foraminifera at the PAP – insights from morphometric analyses and X-ray tomography," University of Southampton, United Kingdom.

Jamie Little, "Development of High Resolution Sea-Level Records for the South Atlantic," University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA.


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