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Welcome to the Cushman Foundation

The Cushman Foundation is pleased to announce the following awardees:

2016 Joseph A. Cushman Award for Student Travel

Anieke Brombacher, “Biogeographic range shifts in three species of planktonic foraminifera during the intensification of Northern Hemisphere glaciation.” University of South Hampton, UK.

 Imogen Browne, “Late Holocene ocean temperatures and hydrography of the Western Antarctic Peninsula shelf.” University of South Florida, USA.

 Laurie Charrieau, “Drivers and Impact of Coastal Ocean Acidification.” Lund University, Sweden.

 Serena Dameron, “Surface ocean acidification prior to K/Pg boundary, a volcanic-induced event.” UMASS – Amherst, USA.

John Doherty, “The foraminiferan Baculogypsina sphaerulata as an indicator of water quality in Guam.” American University, USA.

Christian Gfatter, “Utilizing Image Recognition Technology for Foraminiferal Assemblage Analysis.” University of South Florida, USA.

Caitlin Hanley, “Observed Assemblage Patterns of Foraminifera on the southeast Florida reef tract; Implications of a Species Preferred Substrate.” University of Georgia, USA.

Caitlin Keating-Bitonti, “Patterns of benthic foraminiferal embryo and adult size variations across modern North American environmental gradients.” Stanford University, USA.

Adriane Lam, “Late Neogene History of the Kuroshio System and Plankton Evolutionary Implications.” UMASS – Amherst, USA.

Benjamin Ross, “Observations of the symbiont-bearing foraminifer Amphistegina gibbosa utilizing CellTracker Green and epifluorescent microscopy.” University of South Florida, USA.

Maria Sider, “Benthic Foraminiferal Facies of a Caribbean, mid-Holocene Coral Reef, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama.” Florida International University, USA.

Christopher Smith, “The Characteristics and Distribution of Encrusting Foraminifera at Cat Island, Bahamas.” University of Georgia, USA.

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