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Welcome to the Cushman Foundation

The Cushman Foundation is pleased to announce the following awardees:

2016 Johanna M. Resig Foraminiferal Research Fellowship

Elizabeth Brown, “Morphological variability in the Globigerinoides ruber-elongatus plexus and its implications.” University of South Florida, USA.

Emily Osborne, "Development and Application of Foraminiferal Carbonate System Proxies to Quantify Ocean Acidification within the California Current System." University of South Carolina, USA.

2016 William V. Sliter Research Award

Serena Dameron, "Surface ocean acidification prior to the K/Pg boundary, a volcanic-induced event." University of Mass. Amherst, USA.

Matthew DeCesare, "Establishing the timing and cause of West Antarctic Ice Sheet retreat in the Eastern Ross Sea using in situ foraminifera" Louisiana State University, USA.

Adriane Lam, "Late Neogene History of the Kuroshio System and Plankton Evolutionary Implications." University of Mass. Amherst, USA

2016 Joseph A. Cushman Award for Student Research

Nur Sakinah Abdul Razak, "Benthic foraminifera as bioindicators of pollution in mangrove area of Kilim River, Malaysia." Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia.

Charles Adams, "Foraminiferal assessment of saltmarsh recovery in Cascadia since the AD 1700 megathrust earthquake." University of NC Wilmington, USA.

Rehemat Bhatia, "Eocene planktonic foraminiferal paleoecology interpreted through trace element and stable isotope geochemistry." University College London, UK.
Karan Bhatt, "Diversity analysis of foraminifera along the coast of Kachchh, Gujarat-India" KSKV Kachchh University, India.

Maria Makarova, “Application of planktonic foraminiferal stable isotopes and trace metals to reconstruct thermal history of the North Atlantic across the middle Miocene climatic optimum." Rutgers University, USA.

Rachel Stearns, "A High-Resolution Proxy Reconstruction of Late Holocene Relative Sea Level in Rhode Island, USA." University of Rhode Island, USA.

2016 Loeblich and Tappan Student Research Award:

Braden Gregory, "The effect of arsenic on arcellininid communities – Towards developing arcellininids as a proxy for paleo-As concentrations." Carleton University, Canada.

Katarzyna Melaniuk, "Assessing the relationship between living foraminifera and methane emission in the Arctic." UiT Arctic University of Norway, Norway.

Nawaf Nasser, "High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Assessment of Arcellinina (Testate Amoebae) as Bio-Indicators of Legacy Mine Contamination in the Canadian Subarctic." Carleton University, Canada.

Jason Padgett, "The application of intertidal foraminifera to reconstruct strike normal variability of coastal subsidence during the Cascadia AD 1700 earthquake in Washington, USA." University of Rhode Island, USA.

Elizabeth Tedder, "Holocene benthic foraminiferal assemblages of tidal inlet deposits along Cedar Island, VA, USA: insights into storm impacts, breach dynamics and inlet evolution." George Mason University, USA.

Kara Vadman, "Mg/Ca-temperature calibration and reconstruction of bottom water paleotemperatures on the Sabrina Coast, East Antarctica using benthic foraminifer Trifarina angulosa." University of South Florida, USA.

2016 Joseph A. Cushman Award for Student Travel

Paris Stefanoudis, "Ice-rafted dropstones on hills enhance mesoscale benthic formainiferal diversity at abyssal depths" AND "Hills and plains: the influence of topography on deep-sea benthic foraminiferal assemblages." Southampton University, UK.


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